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Dr. László Zopcsák (founder of IWI) obtained his PhD in sport science at Universidad Europea de Madrid. Due to his outstanding achievements, he was invited to the Scientific Advisory Board of the Real Madrid Graduate School (RMGS) and received a teaching assignment at the University. After an accreditation process, IWI became the Hungarian representative of RMGS, which was a highly prestigious acknowledgement for us!

The relationship of Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea and IWI Fitness School

IWI represents Real Madrid Graduate School and Universidad Europea as an official partner since 2014.

Real Madrid Graduate School and Universidad Europea university-level sports expert course  - supported by IWI!

Real Madrid does no have to be introuced, since it is the most successful sport club in the world. According to Deloitte's surveys, this club had the highest revenue in the past ten years and the results of achievements in different championships are outstanding. ("The Best Sport Club of the Twentieth Century" - FIFA)

Universidad Europea is one of the leading private universities in Spain, a member of the Laurate International Universities network, which includes 75 universities in 30 countries and educates more than 800,000 students in the world.

Real Madrid Graduate School’s (founded in 2006) aim is to cover all aspects of sports science at the highest possible level. Its courses provide students with the extensive experience that Real Madrid has gained in its professional sports such as sports management, sports law, sports marketing, sports communication, sports sciences, etc.

Of course, the palette is very wide, hundreds of programs are available (if the candidate speaks Spanish), but we mainly offer you the ones on the field of sports, especially the English-language programs.     

Training venues

Training (except online courses) will take place in Real Madrid Sports Complex, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Universidad Europea campuses (Madrid, Valencia, Grand Canarias) and Real Madrid's Valdebebas Training Center with renowned coaches and sports specialists. 

Whom do we recommend these courses?

Everyone who wants to position him/herself high, has a conscious idea of ​​his/her future, in which he/she is willing to invest. For those who want a marketable, pragmatic, world-class degree. For those who have a high school diploma and want to pursue a BSc degree, or who already have a BSc degree and looking forward to getting a  Master's degree (Masters-MSc). The doctoral program (PhD) is also open to the aspirants. 

The application process

The application and pre-selecting process takes place through IWI. It's important to know that we do not charge any commission, so our support will not add up as an extra cost. This assistance is provided by IWI solely as a career support . However, we give you all the help you need to get started; we will inform applicants about the enrolment conditions, guide you to fill out the application form, check the necessary documentations, and organize the first interview with the school representative agent. 

Why is it important to have these trainings available in Hungary?

Sport has now become a social phenomenon. The significance of sport is related to the development of fitness lifestyles, prevention, and also has economic, value-creating significance too. It is important that this sector is managed by excellent leaders, coaches, skilled and competent professionals. IWI provides support to become a sports professional with the opportunity to gain university and college education from the world's most successful sports club.

Downloadable documents:

RMGS - Operation of sports facilities
RMGS - Sport marketing
RMGS - Sport manager

Az IWI Nemzetközi Fitnesziskoláról

Az IWI közel 20 éves munkájának köszönhetően iskolánk vezető pozíciót tölt be a hazai fitnesz, wellness és sport képzések piacán. Az IWI jóval többet jelent számunkra, mint egy sikeres üzleti vállalkozás! Szlogenünk, a „Szenvedélyből karrier" saját életutunk kifejeződése, melyet igyekszünk átadni a képzéseinkben résztvevőknek is!